5/16 Weightloss Wednesday: A Fat Documentary

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It’s Weightloss Wednesday!  I am currently at 228.6 lbs which is still way up from where I want to be.  My goal is to get back under 200 lbs while growing muscle on my arms and legs specifically and it is proving challenging to say the least.

The one thing that is moving forward is now that I work evenings (instead of overnights) I have plenty of time to work out.  For the last month I have been able to get up and go straight outside to work out.  This enables me to work out fasted which is definitely how I prefer to do it but it was always difficult to figure out a way to do it before.

For the curious, my workouts consist of a rotation of 3 sets with an off day after the third set.  How it goes is each set starts off the same with a 10 minute stretching video to warm up, then Stuart McGill’s Big 3 back exercises. (Plank and side plank for a minute each, Bird Dogs and I don’t know what it’s called but it is kind of like a sit up where you lift your shoulders off the ground and hold it)  Then on Day 1 I do Kettlebell Swings from Swing Lean, Day 2 is 5-7 minutes of Jump Rope, then Day 3 is a brutal workout from Extreme Kettlebell Cardio.  Then the off day because I don’t have full use of my body after that last one.  In fact I’m considering getting a smaller bell because some of those exercises where you have to throw it over your head and hold it are just about impossible at my current strength level with a 30 lb bell.

Something else that happened this week is I got to talk to Vinnie Tortorich about his upcoming project Fat: A Documentary.  Guys, I’m so excited about what Vinnie is doing and you will get to hear all about it in this weekend’s podcast but if you would like to support his project, head over to FatDocumentary.com to learn more or support what he is doing.

How are you doing this week?  Let me know in the comments below!

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