10/1 Weightloss Wednesday: 26 Lbs Down

Weightloss Wednesday

It’s Weightloss Wednesday!  Actually a special Thursday edition of WLW because the video took forever to upload to YouTube so I went to bed.  Please follow me at the aforementioned YouTube channel to never miss an episode.  Thanks!

So it’s been a weird week with some weird weight fluctuations.  The only thing I could track it down to is that I changed my workout up a bit.  I can only assume that my body burns more calories on the stationary bike than it does on the rowing machine.

But over all I’m happy with the way this is going.  I feel tons better and it’s encouraging to see my body go through these changes.  I sure wish it would all happen faster though!

How to Break Your Sugar Addiction–Step 2: Eliminate Bad Habits

How To Break Your Sugar Addiction Step 2 Eliminate Bad Habits

So we’ve looked at a 5 step process to break the sugar addiction and discussed how crucial it is to have the right attitude, now let’s look how to eliminate habits associated with eating sugar.

Step 1. – Identify the Habits

You know, before this whole process started with me, I would have bet you money that I really didn’t eat much sugar.  I mean sure I had a candy addiction but I had switched to Diet Coke years ago (Now it’s Coke Zero), I didn’t put sugar in my tea and didn’t eat too many sugary snacks.  Now I look back on what I was eating and wonder how I didn’t get bigger than I did.

What I didn’t realize was that I had so many sugar habits.  Little ways that I would add sugar to my diet every time I did certain things that would add up.  What was so important for me to do was to identify the “triggers” or what I was doing while eating the sugar.  Here are a few examples.

  • If breakfast was a piece of toast, I put jam filled with sugar on it.  If it was oatmeal, maybe a little brown sugar was sprinkled on.
  • If I ate lunch at home, maybe I had a peanut butter sandwich and of course I would buy the brand of peanut butter with all the sugar. (What brand is that, you ask? Dang near all of them.  Now I use Adams all natural peanut butter.  Good stuff and it’s just peanuts, nothing else.)
  • If I stopped at a gas station to get gas, I usually walked out with a Diet Coke and a candy bar.
  • If I stopped at Starbucks, I got the sweetest thing on the menu.  (Frappuccino anyone?)
  • A little dessert after dinner meant way too much ice cream, possibly with Magic Shell and a little whipped cream.

An on and on it went.  Once I identified the habits I had developed over the years, I was ready for the next step.

Step 2 – Replace Old Habits with New Ones

Once I could clearly see the areas that could trip me up, I had to start making a plan to get around these areas where I could easily be tripped up.  Here’s what I did to break those old habits.

  • I made sure my breakfast was no longer a bunch of carbs I wanted to pour sugar on.  I switched to a protein-based breakfast.  A normal breakfast for me is an egg, a piece of bacon (Be careful with the bacon as most are cured with sugar.  I looked a long time to find Pederson’s Farm bacon) and what ever veggies I can chop up and throw in the skillet.
  • Lunch was similar.  No more sandwiches, usually leftovers from the previous night’s dinner.  Lots of protein, lots of veggies.
  • If I’m at a gas station and want a snack, now it’s almonds instead of a Snickers bar.
  • Trips to Starbucks mean black coffee with a little cream.  Not only does this save me a couple bucks per trip, (black coffee is like $2 where I was usually spending $4+ before) but now I can have unlimited free refills and because my taste buds have changed so much, the cream is all the sweetener I need.
  • Dessert is a few almonds, maybe a spoonful of Adams peanut butter, this frozen banana ice cream, or sometimes a slice or two of cheese.

So once I took a hard look at what I was eating and when, I could systematically go after each of my problem areas and create a plan of attack that would help me make it through the day without being tripped up by my sugar addiction.  All it took was just a few weeks of being careful before I was able to break my addiction.  Now the thought of smearing sweetened peanut butter and sugar filled jelly on to a piece of bread made with sugar has absolutely no appeal to me at all and the thought of eating an entire Snickers bar turns my stomach a little.

You can do this also!  Take a look at what you eat, figure new ways to eat that don’t involve sugar and stick with it for just a few weeks.  Once the hold that sugar has on you is broken, you won’t want it anymore.

Have you made the plunge to the No Sugar life?  Let me know in the comments below!

9/24 Weightloss Wednesday: Sooo Close to 30 lbs Gone!

Weightloss Wednesday

It’s Weightloss Wednesday!  I was sooooo close to 30 lbs but a trip to Octoberfest was my undoing.  Apparently German cuisine is not conducive to fat loss…or it could have been the huge beer I bought of the decorative stein.

I mentioned Bountiful Baskets in the video so if you are interested in a co-op, take a look here.  Please remember to follow me on YouTube to never miss a video and please like this video.  I’m told that is important. Smile

You can see the Chicken Parmesan recipe I mentioned here and all my no sugar added recipes here.

Thanks for watching!

Sugar Free Chicken Parmesan with Parsley Recipe

Sugar Free Chicken Parmesan with Parsley Recipe


Ever since I decided to cut sugar out of my life, one of the things that has brought me the most joy is cooking.  We NEVER used to cook or if we did cook, it was just the simplest thing imaginable because we really didn’t know what we were doing.  I’ve had so much fun coming up with new recipes and experimenting with my food, I hope you like my latest creation as much as we did!

Recipe type: Dinner
Cuisine: American
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2 Servings
A yummy recipe for Parmesan and parsley crusted chicken breasts
  • 2 Chicken Breasts
  • 2 Tbsp butter
  • ½ cup of Parsley, chopped
  • ½ cup of Parmesan, shredded
  • Salt to taste
  • Garlic Herb seasoning to taste
  1. Place chicken in small pan and place butter on top of chicken
  2. Cover with Parmesan Cheese
  3. Cover with Parsley
  4. Salt and use garlic herb seasoning to taste
  5. Cook at 350 degrees for 45 minutes


Chicken and Butter in Pan

First up, put your chicken breasts in a baking pan with a few pats of butter.  I chose a loaf pan because I wanted my pan to be the smallest it could be and still have room for the chicken to lay flat.

Parsley Chopped

Next up, I chopped about a 1/2 cup of parsley as fine as I could get it.

Raw Parmesan Chicken and Parsley

Now I’ve shredded a layer of parmesan cheese from a huge block I bought at Market Street.  I LOVE the cheese bar at that place.  Then I covered it with the parsley and added a little salt and a little McCormick garlic herb seasoning to spice it up a bit.  Then it’s into the oven at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes.

Cooked Parmesan Chicken and Parsley

Here’s what it looks like out of the oven.  The small pan kept the breasts sitting in the melted butter to they were incredibly moist and the parsley actually crisped up so it added a little crunch to the meal.

Plated Parmesan Chicken and Parsley

All that’s left is to put it on a plate with a few steamed carrots and okra and serve!  Yum Yum!

What is Sugar Free and Keto Friendly at Chipotle?

What's Sugar Free At Chipotle

Looking for more great low carb menu items

at your favorite restaurants?

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Wow.  After compiling this list of What’s Sugar Free at Chipotle, I’m not sure why I don’t eat here more often.  Almost NOTHING has added sugar.  The only exceptions are a little Dextrose in the corn tortillas and in stores with a plancha grill, they add a little honey to the chicken and beef marinades.  So I guess you might want to ask if they have a plancha grill before you order or just stick with the Carnitas or Barbacoa to play it safe.

If you want to reduce carbs as well, get a bowl instead of a burrito and just top it with sour cream and guacamole instead of any kind of dressing.  I gotta say, as difficult as it can be to find good food with no added sugar when I eat out, I really have to hand it to Chipotle to work so hard to make their food taste great without adding the sugar that isn’t good for anyone.  Bravo, Chipotle!

If you’d like to see these ingredients for yourself, here is the Chipotle ingredients list.  You can also see my previous posts about what is Sugar Free at Restaurants.

Here’s the full rundown on everything that is Sugar Free at Chipotle!

  • Barbacoa
  • Carnitas
  • Cheese, Monterey Jack
  • Cheese, White Cheddar
  • Chicken – But this one comes with a note “In Chipotle restaurants with a plancha grill we add a drizzle of honey to our Chicken marinade” so you may need to ask before you order.
  • Fajita Vegetables
  • Guacamole
  • Lettuce
  • Salsa, Tomatillo-Green Chili
  • Salsa, Tomatillo-Red Chili
  • Salsa, Tomato
  • Sour Cream
  • Steak – But this one comes with a note “In Chipotle restaurants with a plancha grill we add a drizzle of honey to our Beef marinade” so you may need to ask before you order.

Looking for more great low carb menu items at your favorite restaurants?

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