This Week in Low Carb News: Autoimmune Diseases Helped by Metabolic Therapies and Splenda is Bad For You!

Every week I come across a bunch of articles I want to tweet about and comment on and every week I run out of time to do it.  This is my attempt to clear out the open tabs on my browser by putting them all in one place.  Enjoy!

Artificial Sweeteners Impact Metabolic Health on Cellular Level – The article is a bit misleading because the only sweetener studied was Sucralose (Splenda, or the Yellow stuff) but it showed a detrimental impact on health at the cellular level.  The money quote: “At a cellular level, those who consumed sucralose experienced increased glucose uptake, inflammation, and adipogenesis” so for those of us specifically using the ketogenic diet to lose weight and reduce inflammation, it would appear that using Splenda would put us at cross purposes.

To treat immune illnesses, researchers are probing drugs that could starve troublemaker cells – So great to see articles discussing the metabolic root of most autoimmune issues.  The money quote: “Potentially, all immunologic diseases are targets for metabolic therapy”.  We even get a mention of Otto Warburg so the authors actually did some research on the history of the issue.

In the Battle for the American West, the Cowboys are Losing – A very interesting article showing why we have so many problems finding grass-fed beef and why it is so expensive.  The crazy thing here is the “environmentalists” upset at these cows that destroy the landscape by eating the grass and defecating but no mention of how incredibly helpful to the environment and especially the topsoil it is to have ruminants graze land.  When the only other viable option is factory farming that has huge detrimental impact on the environment, you would think people would be championing the cause of letting cows graze as nature intended but I guess not.

Still Buying Kibble? Please Heed This Safety Warning – An article about how to best care for your dog if you are still buying kibble but the best food for your dog is no kibble at all.  Remember, your dog is an evolved wolf and their best diet is meat.  If you are on a ketogenic diet, your dog (or cat) should pretty much be eating what you eat.  Lots of fatty meat.

Man Loses 300 Lbs on Low Carb Diet – Such an awesome story about a gut that had to be evacuated and saw people unable to get a seat on the transport because he was so fat.  That inspired him to lose 326 lbs with a low carb diet.  Having lost 200 lbs myself, I know how hard he worked to do this.  Way to go man!

Risk of Death in UK – Awesome graph showing the risk of death of many different ways to die.  Biggest RIsk?  Preventable medical injuries in hospitals.  Easiest way to avoid that?  Stay out of hospitals.  Easiest way to do that.  Stop eating sugar, grains and vegetable oils and eat more fat.

Coca Cola’s War on Science – To the surprise of no one, Coca Cola has been caught trying to manipulate public opinion on sugar.

Nutritional Ketosis and Mitohormesis: Potential Implications for Mitochondrial Function and Human Health – Awesome study on how a ketogenic diet reduces stress on mitochondria by reducing the amount of ROS production.

Can a Keto Diet Slow the Growth of Breast Cancer? – Yes.  Yes it can.  Just a quick plug for an awesome book about cancer, Tripping Over the Truth.  You should definitely read it.

Effects of periodontitis on the colon microbiome – If your teeth and gums are bad, your overall health is sure to follow.

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