This Week in Low Carb News: Raccoons are Getting Fat Like Us and South Park Gets it Right!

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Every week I come across a bunch of articles I want to tweet about and comment on and every week I run out of time to do it.  This is my attempt to clear out the open tabs on my browser by putting them all in one place.  Enjoy!

How the Cereal Industry Wins Friends and Targets Enemies – A really great look at how the cereal industry works to influence politicians and tastemakers to get you to eat more grains.

Cereal could be over with declining sales forcing companies to think of new products – This article blames “snackification” for the decline in breakfast cereals but maybe are wising up to the fact that eating breakfast cereal is a great way to get fat.

Overbranded, Underprotected – How crappy foods are marketed to your kids.

Urban diet leading to fat, hyperglycemic raccoons, new study finds – So I live next to a nature preserve and fight a never-ending and mostly losing battle to keep raccoons and other critters out of my trash.  Turns out eating human foods is as good for the raccoons as it is for the humans.

Vegetarian And ‘Healthy’ Diets May Actually Be Worse For The Environment, Study Finds – Yes!  Of course wide spread monoculture agriculture is bad for the environment!

Soybean Oil Is More Obesogenic and Diabetogenic than Coconut Oil and Fructose in Mouse – Remember when the American Heart Association said exactly the opposite?  I remember.  Shame on you!

You certainly don’t expect South Park to get this right.

Great tweet pointing out that once again, vegans are wrong about everything.

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