3 Tricks To Score Cheaper Meat For Your Ketogenic Diet

3 Tricks To Score Cheaper Meat For Your Ketogenic Diet

Without a doubt, everyone wants to lose weight.  But in order to achieve this, people need to make dietary and lifestyle changes.  This is why there are plenty of people who enjoy switching to a low-carb or ketogenic diet.

 With so many people attesting to the benefits of these diets, many are keen to make the switch.  The problem though is that there is a misconception that these diets, especially the ketogenic diet, are not cheap. 

And while it may be true that there are some ingredients that cost a lot of money, many fail to realize that there are always options available.  You don’t always need to buy expensive ingredients to enjoy a ketogenic diet.

There are still plenty of ways you can enjoy your keto meal without spending a lot of money.  The important thing is that you know how to plan your meals and be a smart shopper. This will help you achieve your ideal weight and still get to eat right. 

Here are a few ways you can score cheaper meat when doing a keto diet:

Plan Your Meals

The best way you can be effective with your keto diet is to plan your meals every week.  When you do this, you will be able to shop for the food you need to prepare your meals for the week ahead. 

Your grocery list will ensure that you only purchase the items that you need. And when your meals have been already prepped in your fridge, you won’t have to rely on emergency takeout. 

The good thing about planning your meals is that it helps you avoid impulse purchases and any unnecessary spending.  Throughout the week, you no longer have to buy any additional food, which means that you can save your money. 

Just remember that when you’re doing your grocery shopping, stick to your list.  Only buy the things that are on your list so you do not go over your weekly budget. 

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Be A Smart Shopper 

There’s no denying the fact that there are, indeed, some ingredients that can be really expensive.  But the good news is, there are cheaper options to these ingredients that are as healthy and may even be more delicious alternatives.  The trick is to be a smart shopper and check out all your options available.

Here are some tips worth following:

Opt For Simple Meats 

Specialty cooked meats that come from a deli tend to be expensive.  You can easily make simple meals by cooking your own meat. Make sure to choose the less exotic cuts like chicken drumsticks or roast beef. 

Don’t Buy Specialty Cheeses

These cheeses tend to be pricey.  Instead, opt for regular cheese. Buy these in bulk and grate it yourself instead of paying for pre-shredded cheese.

Meat is key on a keto diet, but it can be expensive.  Click through NOW to check out these 3 Tricks To Score Cheaper Meat For Your Ketogenic Diet...

You Don’t Always Need To Use Kale

Kale can cost a lot of money. And even though it is often included in different recipes, there are plenty of other alternatives that can be used. 

The good thing is, other leafy greens are nutritious yet do not cost a lot of money. You can buy these instead of using kale in your recipes. 

Don’t Buy Ready-Made Coleslaw

These are often made with unhealthy oils, which actually defeat the purpose of your diet.  You can easily make coleslaw at home and not have to worry about it costing a fortune. All you need is to look for a trusted coleslaw recipe that you can use every time. 

Use Almond Meal Instead Of Almond Flour

Almond flour can also be an expensive ingredient in may keto recipes.  But you can opt for almond meal, which you can use as an alternative in most meals.  In lieu of almond flour, you can buy whole almonds and grind them yourself at home using a coffee grinder. 

Canned Fish Is A Good Option

Fresh fish can be very expensive, particularly if you are buying salmon.  Instead, go with canned tuna and mackerel. Not only are these affordable, but they are also handy alternatives that you can find any time. 

Meat is key on a keto diet, but it can be expensive.  Click through NOW to check out these 3 Tricks To Score Cheaper Meat For Your Ketogenic Diet...

Only Buy Avocados When They Are In Season

Avocados are not readily available at local supermarkets.  This is why they tend to cost a lot of money. A good trick to follow here is to only use recipes with avocados when they are in season. 

Choose The Best Quality Ingredients That Fit Your Budget

Organic vegetables may contain fewer pesticides, but they can be very costly.  The same principle goes with grass-fed meat and free-range eggs. They may all be nutritious but are expensive to purchase.  If you are on a budget, these labels can make sticking to your diet difficult. 

The important thing you have to remember is that you’re already making huge changes to your diet by making the switch to eating fruits and vegetables and cooking your meals at home. 

These things already play a big impact on your health. So don’t stress on the labels too much. If you can’t afford these, just switch to regular ingredients. The important thing is that you are making better choices with what you are eating. 

If your diet becomes expensive, chances are it will be easier for you to quit – it makes a great excuse. So follow the tips above to stick to your lifestyle change so that you can get healthy and enjoy a full life.

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Meat is key on a keto diet, but it can be expensive.  Click through NOW to check out these 3 Tricks To Score Cheaper Meat For Your Ketogenic Diet...
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