3/23 Weightloss Wednesday: 23 Lbs Down!

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Weightloss Wednesday Master

It’s Weightloss Wednesday!  I am beginning to look forward to Wednesdays more and more as the weight comes off.  So this week has gone pretty well, I’m still off Coke Zero and don’t miss it, I’m still getting 25 miles a week on my bike, and the sugar and simple carbs are out of my life.

The only thing I am having trouble with is getting up early in the morning to do 10 minutes of yoga.  For some reason, geeing out of bed an hour early has been incredibly tough.  I really need to get back to the place where I am doing that every morning because I am a lot happier with how my body feels when I start the day with a little stretching.

Overall, there’s not much to complain about.  I’m feeling better and I’m starting to be able to actually see the changes in my body in the mirror.  And I know they tel you not to be concerned with the number on the scale but t sure is encouraging to see that number go down every morning.

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Weightloss Wednesday 23 lbs

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