5 Clean Eating Hacks for Busy People!

5 Clean Eating Hacks for Busy People!

5 Clean Eating Hacks for Busy People!

Sometimes eating clean and sugar free can be a little tricky during the week.  We get crazy busy, things go awry, kids get sick, deadlines approach, etc.  The temptations during these times is to just shove whatever piece of food is closest into your mouth and get back to doing whatever is urgent.  However, when the tyranny of the urgent rears it’s head, that’s when we have to make sure that what’s important gets handled first and there is nothing more important than your health.  Here are a few easy hacks to make sure you stay on that healthy, sugar-free, paleo, keto, clean eating grind.

Tupperware is your friend

When you cook dinner, try to make a little more than what your family can eat.  Then put those leftovers in plastic containers and now you’ve got the next days lunch you can carry with you to work or where ever you need to go.  I use this Rubbermaid set and it works great.

Plan Your Meals

Meal prep and meal planning is absolutely vital to eating healthy.  There shouldn’t ever be a meal where you don’t know what you are going to eat and if at all possible, you should have a lot of it already prepared.  This is why I always put up a Sugar Free Meal Plan each week so we have something to go by when we plan our meals for the week.

Have Clean, Sugar-Free, Keto-Friendly Snacks available

If I know I’m going to be out for a while, I make sure I have something on me just in case I get a little peckish.  I don’t ever want to give myself a chance to cheat in a moment of weakness.  I usually go with almonds or other nuts but sometimes I take a few slices of cheese or maybe some beef jerky.  Just be sure that the jerky doesn’t have any hidden sugars in the ingredients.

Boil Some Eggs

Buy a dozen eggs, hard boil them and put them right back in the carton they came from.  (Just be sure to mark it so you don’t confuse it with your fresh eggs)  Now you’ve got the perfect snack ready to go at all times.  Grab one to stave off hunger pangs or for the perfect late-night snack.  I also like to chop them up on salads or just have them as a side dish.

Carry a Water Bottle

Sometimes those hunger pangs aren’t really hunger pangs, you just need some water.  Stay hydrated to control cravings.

Use these Clean Eating Hacks to stay the course, lose weight and get a little healthier each day.  Please also subscribe to my daily email to never miss a post!

5 Clean Eating Hacks for Busy People!

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