7/20 Weightloss Wednesday: Trying a New Thing!

7/20 Weightloss Wednesday: Trying a New Thing!

It’s time for Weightloss Wednesday!  This has been an odd week so far.  This weekend I was at 249 lbs which meant I had lost over 150 lbs and I did a little dance and high fived myself.  But then Monday morning came and the scale creeped up to 251.9 and then today it was down to 251.  I was so stoked to be able to come on here and say that I was finally down 150 lbs but alas, it is not to be.

So what happened?  I’m actually not totally sure but the only thing that changed in my routine was I was finally able to get my bike fixed on Sunday so I was able to ride for the first time in a week on Sunday night.  So I’m kind of hoping that the weight came from increased muscle but I don’t think it is possible to put on 2 lbs of muscle in a day from a 5 mile bike ride.  More likely the exercise made me hungry and I over ate which is wildly disappointing.

in other news, I have been reading a ton about Intermittent Fasting and have been wondering it it would be advantageous for me to begin a fasting protocol.  I have been reading The Obesity Code by Dr Fung and yesterday interviewed a Dr who has been doing IF for years with great results.  (That interview will probably be on Episode 3 of the new podcast we are launching later this week!)  If you are unfamiliar with IF, basically you just restrict your eating to a 6-8 hour window each day.  So how it will probably look for me is no breakfast except for coffee and water, then a larger lunch than normal around 2, then dinner around 7 or 8.  That limits my food window to about 6 hours a day or what’s called a 18:6 fast.

This type of fasting is supposed to have several benefits like increased ketones, greater insulin sensitivity and the body is more able to repair itself and overcome disease.  As I progress, I’m definitely going to keep you guys informed about how it goes but I have high hopes.

So those are the big bullet points this week and I am looking forward to what the next week brings!  Please remember to subscribe to the YouTube channel to never miss a video and come follow me on Instagram because I really like it there. 🙂

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