8/24 Weightloss Wednesday: The Needle is Moving Again!

8/24 Weightloss Wednesday: The Needle is Moving Again!

It’s time for a Weightloss Wednesday!  As of this morning I am 247.5 lbs which means I am 152.5 lbs down from my heaviest and 52.5 lbs down so far this year.  That’s all good news but it’s a little frustrating because I really wanted to be at about 240 by the end of the month and I don’t think I’m going to be able to do it but I’m not too worried about it.  The fat is coming off and I am getting healthier by the day.

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I finally outgrew (ingrew? undergrew? outshrank?) my old belt and was walking around trying to hold my pants up with one hand every time I went anywhere so I knew it was time to get a smaller belt but look at that difference in length!  That’s a foot or more difference in waist circumference so I’m pretty happy about that.  I also bought 2 new pairs of pants, one that fit and one that is a little snug.  I took a picture of me in those pants I can barely snap as motivation to get to where they fit well.  Once that happens, I’ll be sure to share it with you.

As far as exercise, things are awesome.  I am working through StrongLifts and getting stronger every week.  They idea that I can lift heavier and heavier things every week really appeals to me and it’s cool to see a little bit of muscle definition start to happen under all this flab.  Joining a gym was a great decision and one that is working out well.

As far as the diet goes, I did something I have never been able to do this week.  I went to a Mexican restaurant and didn’t eat the chips or any tortillas.  That is a big deal because those dang chips and salsa they always put on the table are torture!  That was a big milestone for me and one that I think I can now continue moving forward.

As for everything else, things are going good.  I started Intermittent Fasting on Monday and will continue it at least through the end of the month.  I did this for 2 reasons; #1 the more info I read about it, the more convinced I am that it is a wise course of action for my overall health and #2 it’s a bit of a Hail Mary to see if I can meet my goal of 240 by the end of the month.  That’s a lot of weight to lose in a week but who knows, miracles happen.

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