I Love Me More Than Sugar Review

I interviewed Barry Friedman this week on the podcast and he was nice enough to send me a copy of his book, I Love Me More Than Sugar.

I Love Me More Than Sugar is an interesting book because it is clear it was written by a man who is an entertainer and communicator first before he started cutting the sugar out of his diet.  As a 4 time World Juggling Champion with multiple TED talks under his belt, he knows how to tell a story and keep an audience engaged and that really shines through in this book.  It is entertaining through out and has a lot more humor than you would expect in a book about the dangers of sugar.

But it is not some fluff piece with no heft to it.  Barry takes us through the history of sugar consumption and production to how its use has increased to the present day.  Then we learn exactly the different types of sugar are and how they affect the body.  Friedman has a solid grasp on how it is our hormones, primarily insulin, that drive weight gain and that is the massive increase in sugar consumption that has caused this obesity epidemic.  He also goes into the role fiber plays in blunting an insulin response and how to increase leptin sensitivity in order to not feel hungry all the time.  In all the books I read on this subject, I have always felt that this is the heart of the matter so I’m very aware of how the author treats the subject.  Barry knows his science and because he is an entertainer, none of it is the dry science of other books but instead we get jokes, stories and everything we need to know presented in huorous ways that keep our attention and make sure we understand the big ideas he is presenting.

But perhaps the best part of the book isn’t all the info about sugar.  I think most of us realize how bad sugar is.  Where this book shines is a comprehensive step-by-step process to actually get the sugar out of your life.  Barry takes you through his 30 Days Sugar Free program and gives you to education and inspiration you need to be successful on your weight loss journey.

To get your copy of I Love Me More Than Sugar, click here.

To check out the online version of the 30 Days Sugar Free program, click here.

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