Keto Tips: Keep a Few Boiled Eggs in Fridge for a Quick Snack!

Keto Tips: Keep a Few Boiled Eggs in Fridge for a Quick Snack!

As the weight continues to come off, I am frequently asked questions about what I’m doing to lose it.  After I give my pat answer of “I don’t eat sugar or anything my body can quickly convert to sugar” the questions usually become more specific.  Now I’m going to try to give the little tips and tricks I’ve learned over the last few years to help answer those questions.

Keep a few boiled eggs in the fridge for a quick snack

Sometimes the questions I get revolve around “What do you eat?” as if a world without bread is totally unimaginable to anyone.  I know what’s really going on in their head though, they can’t figure out how to snack.  The idea of going from lunch aaaaaaaaaaallllllllll the way to dinner without a bag of chips or something seems like some herculean feat that can only be accomplished by a person of the most rigid self-control and will power.

Sometimes I take this opportunity to spell out how little I get hungry anymore.  And speaking as a man that used to be 400+ lbs, I know what it feels like to be always hungry.    My feeding schedule went something like breakfast, lunch, snack, 2nd snack, dinner, 2nd helping of dinner, dessert so I know that if someone told me not to snack I would probably try to do my best but then hunger would almost compel me to leave my house at midnight to run down to Walmart where I would pick up a gallon of ice cream. And Magic Shell. And whipped cream. And maybe some cherries.  And maybe some M&M’s in the checkout lane to tide me over until I got home.  I’d probably shoot some Reddi-Wip into my mouth in the car as well.

So now, hunger isn’t a huge driving force for me anymore but in those early days of my sugar free journey, I tried to always keep keto-friendly food around just in case and for me, the easiest was boiled eggs.  They are crazy cheap, easy to prepare and store for a few weeks in the fridge.  If those 3PM hunger pangs struck, usually a egg and a glass of water was all I needed to feel satiated.

Since those early days, I have also started keeping cheddar and olives around and since my son bought me a dehydrator for Father’s Day, I’m entering the world of making jerky.

But here is the incredible part of the story, now that I’m 150 lbs down, I no longer feel at war with my own body.  I remember being almost in tears because I was just so hungry while being so desperate to lose weight and the Sugar-Free/Keto/LCHF diet has changed all of that.  I eat when I want, as much as I want now.  The only difference is I don’t want very much very often which has been a complete game changer for me.

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