6/29 Weightloss Wednesday: So Close to My Mid-Year Goal!

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Weightloss Wednesday Mid Year

It’s time for another Weightloss Wednesday!  As of this morning I’m at 252.7 lbs which means I am down 47.3 lbs for the year and 147.3 lbs from when I was at my heaviest.  I was REALLY hoping to be at an even 50 lbs down for the year at the end of June but it looks like I will just miss it.  Maybe I’ll magically lose another 2.7 lbs in the next 2 days but somehow I doubt it.

I really did this to myself though, after the 28 Day Challenge was over, I celebrated by buying a half-gallon of Breyer’s Sweet Freedom Ice Cream.  It was the first real treat I’ve bought this year and thought since it was no sugar added that I could get away with it.  Well I was wrong.  I had a bowl of it every night for a week until it ran out a few days ago and my weight loss was stopped cold for the entire week.  In fact this morning was the first time that my weight moved at all since the last Weightloss Wednesday.  Oh well, now I’ve added this to my list of things I can’t eat anymore.

In other news, my bike tires are constantly going flat!  I’m not sure what’s going on but I’m on about my 4th tire and the last one was supposed to have some kind of slime in it that would automatically seal any punctures.  I went ahead and asked the company to replace it before I put it on I’m going to totally tear that wheel apart and see if there is something I can’t see that is causing the issue.  I really need to get back on my bike.

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How are you doing on your weightloss and health goals?  Please tell me in the comments because I love hearing other people’s weight loss stories!

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4 Replies to “6/29 Weightloss Wednesday: So Close to My Mid-Year Goal!”

  1. I’m holding my own. Most days not very hungry, been eating a hard boiled egg with coffee every morning this past week and all but one day -no lunch. Dinner was a meat cooked outside on grill – porkchops, chicken, steak. Tonight made egg salad. Have had a two bites off cottage cheese each day, carbs are low for 1/2 cup serving. I’m not really losing, but blood sugar remains great. Not sure what’s going on tho. I know more fat is necessary, but too much upsets my stomach. We’re going to Mississippi for a week, but don’t expect it to be a challenge. We’re bringing our 100 lb dog on his first road trip. This should prove interesting :/. Everybody, have a safe and happy fourth.

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