What’s Sugar Free at The Grocery Store?: Campbell’s Soup Edition

What's Sugar Free at The Grocery Store?: Campbell's Soup Edition

This week’s What’s Sugar Free at the Grocery Store is all about Campbell’s Condensed Soup!  I was going to do all soup but there was a TON of just Campbell’s so I decided to do the Campbell’s Condensed soup this week and I’ll go back for the other brands at another time.  A few of the soups contain dextrose, which is a sugar we can eat (because it contains no fructose) but I’ve made sure to note those varieties so you can make an informed decision.  Also, you can buy most of these soups online at Amazon or Walmart.

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Here is the list of Campbell’s Condensed Soup without sugar

Beef with Vegetable and Barley

Beefy Mushroom – Dextrose

Chicken Broth – Dextrose

Chicken Vegetable

Cream of Chicken

Cream of Mushroom

Cream of Mushroom Roasted Garlic

Cream of Onion

Creamy Chicken Noodle

Cream of Shrimp

Golden Mushroom

Healthy Kids Frozen and Disney Shapes

Homestyle Chicken Noodle

Mexican Style Chicken Tortilla

Nacho Cheese – Maltodextrin

Old Fashioned Vegetable

Tuscan Style Chicken Noodle

Vegetable Beef – Dextrose


3 thoughts on “What’s Sugar Free at The Grocery Store?: Campbell’s Soup Edition

  • You’re wrong about dextrose not being a sugar. Anything with “ose” at the end is a sugar. And your creamed soups have milk as an ingredient which contains lactose. I applaud your weight loss and commitment to being healthier but your information is not wholly correct. Watch the documentary “Fed Up” by Katie Couric and you will see how sugars are hidden creatively by the food industry and how they covertly contribute to the obesity epidemic.

    • Right. That’s why I specifically said that in the post. When you are trying to remove the most harmful things from your diet, start with fructose. You probably shouldn’t be eating anything on this page but if you want to eat Campbell’s soup, at least don’t eat the ones with fructose.

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