Wikipedia Declares War on Low Carb Diet Experts

Well this has been an interesting week in the Low Carb world. Over the last week, one particular Wikipedia editor has made it his mission to flag the biggest names in the low carb world for deletion from Wikipedia.

It all started about a week ago with the Wikipedia page for Dr Malcolm Kendrick, author of The Great Cholesterol Con, being deleted for “present[ing a] fringe theory, without giving weight to the mainstream view”

Quite the list of infractions!

That “fringe theory”? Why of course it is the idea that cholesterol isn’t the all-powerful cardiovascular boogie-man that clogs arteries and causes people to drop dead after too many steaks. How do we know that is specifically this theory that has gotten him into Wiki-trouble? The ever growing list of fellow co-conspirators that are also being kicked off the page.

Drs Andreas Eenfeldt and Aseem Molhotra were both marked for deletion but appear to have passed whatever checks they had to go through. Dr Uffe Ravnskov is still marked for deletion and it appears is still under review as well as the page for Fathead the Movie. (You can read Tom Naughton’s response to that here.) Perhaps the most surprising is the total deletion of Jimmy Moore, probably the leading voice in the low carb world with his massive library of past podcast episodes and internationally best selling low carb books.

Jimmy Moore reached out to Jimmy Wales to argue his case and got a very interesting answer back.

Mr Wales seemed to miss the part where multiple LCHFers were targeted for deletion all at once. (All by the same Wikipedia editor I might add. More on that in a minute) That is definitely a pattern describable by anyone with 2 working braincells. Also, “non-notable self-promoting podcaster”? Ok, I get that he doesn’t know who Jimmy Moore is but he is more than famous enough to merit a Wikipedia page. Look at what comes up in the Jimmy Moore Disambiguation page.

How is an author of works on George Gurdjieff or an author of Christian Ministry Literature more notable than a guy with hundreds of thousands of podcast listeners and millions of books sold worldwide? I mean surely he is more notable than the actor who performed in Coonskin or a furniture designer that died in 1726. I think assuming this deletion took place because of the ideas he espouses being “not in the mainstream” is more than merited.

As for the editor behind these changes, it appears to all come from the same person who originally went by the name Skeptic from Britain who has since changed his name to MatthewManchester1994 and then
. Having spent years on the internet I can say with some level of certainty that if we ever find out for sure who this guy is, he will almost certainly turn out to be a vegan. I know that’s a terrible thing to say with no evidence but if I get into an argument with a person online that turns out to be totally unhinged, it’s a vegan every single time.

So what does this mean for Low Carbers? I am reminded of the old quote “First the ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” It appears we are at the stage where they are fighting us. That’s ok, game on!

As this story continues to develop, I will update this page with more information as needed. Also, Marika Sboros wrote a very interesting article on this here.

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