8/17 Weightloss Wednesday: Things Are Moving Forward!

8/17 Weightloss Wednesday:  Things Are Moving Forward!

It’s time for Weightloss Wednesday!  As of this morning I am at 248.3 lbs which means I am 151.7 lbs down from my heaviest and 51.7 lbs so far this year.  That’s actually a tick up from last week but I made a few changes to my exercise I’ll talk about below that I think could explain it.  I also went to a Mexican restaurant and had a few chips and refried beans that also may have hurt me.  I really just need to take Mexican restaurants off my list of places to eat, those free chips and salsa get every dang time.  I need to be a lot more focused if I’m going to meet my goal of 240 by the end of the month.

As for the exercise, I had been talking about the C25K program I started but 3 weeks in I felt that I needed to discontinue that.  I started feeling a little pain in my right knee that persisted for several days after a jog so I don’t think I’ve lost enough weight for that to a viable exercise program.  I definitely want to finish the program but I think I’m going to wait until I lose another 50 lbs or so before attempting that again.  Instead, I joined a gym and started a weight lifting regimen that has really driven home how weak I am.  I downloaded the StrongLifts app to help me figure out what to do and I had to adjust the starting weights down by almost half to get to where I could even attempt to do the exercises.  I’ve got a lot of work to do there and I think the extra muscle (or the extra inflammation from the muscle soreness) is why the weight loss stalled a bit this week.

As for everything else, I’m doing ok.  I finally broke down and bought some Magnesium caplets to help with my blood pressure so I’m looking forward to seeing what that does.  Overall, I feel great and I’m excited to see that I am continuing to get healthy!

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