9/21 Weightloss Wednesday: The Weight Continues to Come Off!

9/21 Weightloss Wednesday: The Weight Continues to Come Off!

It’s time for Weightloss Wednesday!  I was a little worried about the weight-in this morning because yesterday we were invited to an event at Cowboys Stadium where I totally pigged out on the deli cheeses they had available.  Also the free booze.

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Treating me right at the #LincolnBlackLabel

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I don’t normally drink that much because booze costs money and I’m cheap but if you are just going to give it away to me, Katy bar the door! Of course we also got to see this crazy Lincoln Navigator with Gullwing doors.

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The steps are cool.

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And this James Bond-esque set up in the back.

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This is how #LincolnBlackLabel and #DallasCowboys roll!

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Pretty cool stuff but let’s get into why we are all here.  As of this morning I’m at 243.5 lbs which means I’m at 156.5 lbs lost.  I’ve still got a little over a week to reach my goal of being under 240 by October and I’m pretty sure it’s going to happen.


As far as my food goes, with the exception of about a month’s allotment of cheese I ate yesterday, things are going great.  I cook my food and am very careful about keeping out sugars and grains and am very comfortable with how I’ve been eating.  I’m still continuing to go Intermittent Fasting and I think this has been key to me conquering those late-night cravings that always seemed to plague me.  There is just something to drawing that hard line in the sand and saying “I don’t eat anything past 8 PM” that really puts an end to those.


I’m continuing to do the StrongLifts at the gym and hit my first barrier this week.  The way the exercises are set up, you add 5 lbs to them every week until you get to the point where you fail, then you work at that level until you can complete the set.  I hit my first stopping place on the overhead press and ended up pressing too hard and pulled a muscle in my neck.  Fortunately it wasn’t too painful and if there is anything a no-grain, no-sugar diet is awesome for, it’s pulled muscles don’t stay in pain for too long.  So I took a couple days off but am headed back up there today.

Overall, things are moving along and I think I’m still on track to meet my goals.

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