Motivational Monday: Imagine the Long Term Outcomes of Your Diet

Motivational Monday: Imagine the Long Term Outcomes of Your Diet

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Hey guys, Aarn Farmer here with and we are starting something new today.  We talk a lot about on this blog about
different ways to lose weight.  The different biochemical things that happen as you as you eating low-carb, high-fat. The different reasons for for eating that way to lose weight and my own personal journey as I’ve lost about 190 pounds so far eating this way but we don’t talk enough about what’s going on between the ears of someone who is struggling to lose weight and I think I wanted to start something new.
These Motivational Monday videos will be used to talk about what can get you motivated.  How you can improve your mind set to begin to want to lose weight.
Let me ask you a question have you ever heard of someone that takes a shower everyday and then they skip a day for whatever reason and then that person deciding, “oh my goodness, I’ve skipped a day of showering! I might as well skip the next shower and the next shower and the next!”  Then they don’t take a shower for months!  You’ve never heard of someone doing that.  That’s ridiculous!
But have you ever heard of someone going on a diet and then they cheat or something goes wrong and then they say “Well because I skipped yesterday I might as well skip tomorrow too and cheat again” and then they are off their diet for months at a time.  Why why does that happen?
Well how can someone you know skip a shower and go right back into their regular pattern but if someone skips a day on their diet they can’t seem to pull themselves back to the diet.  What’s going on there? I think the reason is because we know the benefits of showering every day and we know what’s going to happen to us if we if we don’t take that shower.  We’re going to stink, people aren’t going to hang out with us and things aren’t going to go well for socially.
But I think a lot of times we don’t associate the long-term health risk of having a cheat day or of eating the wrong types of food with the long-term risk of what we’re eating today right in front of us.  So I want to challenge you to do something today or the next time you feel yourself slipping. The next time that you are wanting to change the way that you eat or to slip back into your old habits and eat the eat the foods that that got you where you are now which is fat, sick, tired and nearly dead.
When you get in that place I want you to imagine the long-term risk that you are undertaking when you eat those the crappy foods that made you sick and fat. I want you to think about the high blood pressure it’s going to give you. I want you think about the type 2 diabetes is going to put you at risk for.  I wanted you to think about the joint pain that you’re going to feel as those grains are going to cause inflammation.  I want you to think about the cardiovascular disease that it’s going to cause. I want you to think about those long-term risks that go along with eating the crappy SAD (Standard American Diet) and imagine those things.
Don’t just think about the carbs that are right in front of you but begin to think long-term.  Begin to think about what’s going to happen as you continue on down this road.  And if you do mess up or you have a cheat day, things go wrong or whatever, I want you to think about my shower example and get right back on the horse. Get right back into your diet!
Don’t use the fact that you cheated yesterday as an excuse for cheating today.  You chose yesterday but it’s in the past, it’s gone.  You get right back on the horse today.  If you’re relying on just willpower to do this diet, your willpower will run out.  What you want to rely on is a strong mental picture of what eating a Standard American Diet does versus what eating a low-carb high-fat diet does for your health and sometimes that’s all that you’ve got to rely on.
This was Motivational Monday! I appreciate you watching and we will talk again next week.  Bye!

6 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: Imagine the Long Term Outcomes of Your Diet

  • I enjoyed reading your post just now Aarn Farmer. I am a struggling low carber even thought Ive been on this woe for 2 yrs. I enjoyed your lil story about the shower vs cheating on our diet. Its sometimes hard to stay on the right track when I have to see my man eat certain foods that just drive me nuts n makes me wanna have it. I have lost like 5 lbs but Its a slow ongoing process. I cant wait to watch the motivational Monday videos !!

  • Hi Aarn,
    This post couldn’t have come at a better time.
    I still feel like crap (lightheaded, dizzy,no energy,just yucky)from a cheat last Monday.
    It was a burrito in a bowl, corn, Pinto beans but worst was tortilla chips. I thought no problem I can have this, big mistake, my body doesn’t like junk anymore. It feels like keto flu all over!
    That means I will really need to rethink a foolish food choices like this in the future. It was not worth it. Hope this helps others!

  • Thanks Aarn …for starting this motivational Monday….just read this and it is describing me lately…been through so much stuff since the first of the year and I try to start and then by Thursday I lose it…I did not have this kinda of problem last year when I did the 28 day challenge …I have started again today…and praying I will not let the emotional stuff i am dealing with will mess me up…going to try and think about the demonstrated…thanks for sharing and helping all of us…

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